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Vistara Flight Viral Video: Often strange videos of flights go viral on social media. In this episode, a new video is also coming in the discussions. Actually, a video of Vistara flight is becoming very viral on social media, in which a person is seen shouting loudly at another person. At the same time, it is seen in the video that after the man started shouting, the flight attendant is seen pacifying him and even then the man is not calming down. 

Actually, a girl on board the flight S’s father accused another person that the person had touched his daughter inappropriately. It is seen in the video that the man clashed with another person for his daughter and started shouting loudly. Shouting at the person, he is saying ‘How dare you touch my daughter’. Seeing this whole scene, the people around also get up.

Kalesh Inside the vistara flight b/w Two man over a guy touched another man’s daughter

The flight attendant tried to pacify the man 

While the flight attendant on the other hand intervened in the video is coming However, only the person shouting and the flight attendant are visible in the video. Neither the girl is visible in the video nor it is visible who is the other person on whom the girl’s father is shouting.

It is visible in the video that the girl and her The father is sitting on a different seat and the father alleges that his daughter has been touched wrongly by some other person, on which the father cannot control himself and starts shouting while standing on the seat. At the same time, the voice of the girl is also heard from behind. Not only this, the girl’s father becomes uncontrollable and repeatedly tries to move from his seat to another person’s seat. 

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