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Srinagar Hijab Row: The hijab controversy that started from Karnataka has now reached Jammu and Kashmir. Girl students of Srinagar’s Vishwa Bharati Mahila School have alleged that they are being prevented from wearing the hijab. Girl students are also protesting outside the school. It is alleged that they are not being allowed to enter the school wearing hijab.

A student said, Abhaya is part of my religion and they are asking us to remove it. Why should I remove my cover when it is allowed in other schools. On the other hand, National Conference’s chief spokesperson Tanveer Sadiq said in a tweet, "Wearing a hijab should be a personal choice. There should be no interference in matters of religious dress. It is unfortunate to see such incidents in Muslim dominated Jammu and Kashmir."

‘Kashmir has become BJP’s laboratory’
PDP President Mehbooba Mufti said, "BJP wants to make this country Godse’s country and Jammu and Kashmir has become their laboratory for that, earlier we saw such incidents in Karnataka and now we are seeing it being implemented in Kashmir also."

Mufti further said, "The ban order is an attack on religious freedom which ‘will not be tolerated’. They are troubling our leaders, be it Dawoodi, Veeri, Barkati or Mohammad Shafi. The NIA recently called Rahmatullah (Qasmi) for questioning. This is a direct attack on our religion. They are attacking the freedom of religion, freedom of choice of dress and food provided by the constitution of the country. This will not be tolerated, enough is enough. In 2019, they attacked our pride and identity but now it has come on our religion as well."

The school principal apologized
After the uproar over the hijab, the school administration has clarified that there was a dispute due to some misunderstanding. There is no ban on hijab in the school. Girl students were only asked not to cover their faces inside the school. However, the principal issued a statement apologizing for hurting the sentiments of girl students and parents. The principal said, ‘If the sentiments of the students or parents have been hurt, then I apologize unconditionally. Students can wear abaya and no restriction has been imposed on it.’

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