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Gyanvapi Masjid Survey: After receiving an order from a court in Varanasi, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) team has reached the Gyanvapi complex on Monday (July 24) to conduct the survey. According to the Hindu side’s advocate Madan Mohan Yadav, the ASI team will start surveying the entire campus except the Vajukhana in the campus. This is the reason why the warehouse has already been sealed. ASI will present the report of this survey before the District Judge by 4th August. On the other hand, a caveat has been filed in the Allahabad High Court regarding the order of District Judge Varanasi dated July 21. 

20 to 30 member team of ASI reached Gyanvapi campus on Monday morning. During this, concrete arrangements have been made for the security system. A large number of people gathered outside the campus since morning regarding the survey. Along with the survey team, the photographer and videography team also reached the Gyanvapi campus. The ASI survey team is conducting videography of the survey process of the entire campus. Anyone is prohibited from carrying mobile, smart watch or any electronic device inside the Gyanvapi campus. As soon as a team of about half a dozen people from ASI reached to investigate with their modern equipment, police security was tightened around the Gyanvapi campus. 

What is the claim of the Hindu side
Actually, five Hindu women had filed a petition in the court saying that there is evidence of a Shiva temple in the Gyanvapi mosque, that is why a survey should be conducted here. This dispute started on 18 August 2021. Even before this, the survey of the mosque was done on the orders of the court. The pictures that came out in the survey created a controversy. Regarding these pictures, the Hindu side claimed that these are artifacts made in the temple. Meanwhile, a picture of a Shivling also came out from the mosque’s bathroom, on which the real controversy started. 

Regarding the alleged Shivling at Vaju Khana, the Hindu side argued that it is an ancient Shivling, which was built in the temple. As soon as this dispute increased, the matter reached the Supreme Court and there was a ban on visiting this place. The Hindu side demands that the Gyanvapi mosque be handed over to them completely. Along with this, arrangements for worship should also be made here as soon as possible. Not only this, the Hindu side also wants that the entry of Muslims should be stopped here. 

It may be known that on July 21, the Varanasi court ruled in favor of the Gyanvapi survey and the court approved the ASI’s survey. Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, representing the Hindu side, said that the court has ordered an ASI survey.  ASI will submit the report of this survey to the district judge on August 4.

The Muslim side makes this claim 
On the other hand, regarding the Gyanvapi case, the Muslim side claims that this mosque is very old and should not be tampered with. Not only this, the Place of Worship Act 1991 was also cited for this, although it was rejected by the court. The court said that the matter is not worth hearing. At present, the Anjuman Injamia Masjid Committee takes care of the premises, which is presenting its side regarding this matter. The Muslim side says that the Gyanvapi mosque is the property of the Waqf Board. That’s why it should be heard in Waqf Court only. 

Caveat filed in Allahabad High Court 
As soon as the survey started in Varanasi, a caveat has been filed in the Allahabad High Court regarding the order of District Judge Varanasi dated 21st July. The caveat petition has been filed through advocate Saurabh Tiwari through e-filing mode. In the Shringar Gauri case, a caveat has been filed in the Allahabad High Court on behalf of the main litigant of the Hindu side, Rakhi Singh. Chief litigant Rakhi Singh is in support of the ASI survey, due to which a caveat has been filed by her in the High Court. 

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