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Indian Railway: Railways has decided to provide specially prepared affordable food and bottled water to the general coach passengers to improve their traveling experience.  The officials gave this information on Wednesday. According to an order issued by the Railway Board, these food counters will be installed on the platform where the ordinary coaches stand. 

According to the information the food is divided into two categories. In the first category, dried ‘potatoes’ at the cost of Rs.20; And seven ‘puri’ Are included. Meals in second class will cost Rs 50 and passengers will be offered South Indian food like rice, rajma, chole, khichdi kulche, bhature, pav-bhaji and masala dosa. 

What instructions have been issued?
Railway Board has issued instructions to the concerned authorities to make provision of affordable food and affordable bottled water through counters to be installed on platforms near ordinary coaches. have done. The order states that the location of these counters is to be decided by the railway zone so that these counters are aligned with the location of ordinary coaches on the platform. 

The provision of this extended service counter at the railway platform has been made on an experimental basis for a period of six months. Officials said that so far, this provision has been implemented at 51 stations and from Thursday, July 20, it will be applicable at 13 more stations. He said that efforts are being made to provide 200 ml drinking water glasses at these counters. Officials said that this has been started for the convenience of passengers, especially for those coaches which are often overcrowded.

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