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Chandrayaan 3 Launch: Chandrayaan 3 was launched at 2.35 pm as per the scheduled time from the center located in Sriharikota. Former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan congratulated the ISRO team after the launch of Chandrayaan-3. He said that let us all cross our fingers and wait for 43 days. Regarding Chandrayaan-2, Narayanan said that the mission was successful in landing on the Moon, but failed to make a soft landing due to some software and mechanical problems.

‘Landing expected on August 23’
Former scientist Nambi Narayanan said the journey for the spacecraft from Earth to the Moon is estimated to take about a month, landing on August 23 It is expected to happen in August. One day on the Moon is equal to 14 days on Earth. Nambi Narayan further said that with its successful soft landing, India will become the fourth country to achieve this feat, which will increase the possibilities of development of space science in the country. Other countries in this case are the US, China and the former Soviet Union. 

‘Our expenditure is very less as compared to other countries’
Nambi Narayan said that now space scientists have worked on every aspect of this for four years and they have been able to do ‘soft landing’ are supposed to. He said that indigenously developed technology is necessary for a country to move forward. Narayanan said that ISRO is known for using minimum amount for its ambitious space missions. The former ISRO scientist said that our expenditure on such missions is very low as compared to other countries. Since India is now inviting private participation in technology development, it will also open up scope for more startups in this sector. 

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