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Tuberculosis ie TB is such a disease due to which millions of people die every year worldwide. According to a figure, in the year 2021, this disease killed a total of 1.6 million (16 lakh) people. About four lakh Indians die every year due to this disease in India and the government spends about 24 billion dollars i.e. about 17 lakh crore rupees annually in dealing with it.  

This is the reason why the central government had set a target of eliminating TB from India by the year 2025, although statistics show that the actual situation is far from the target. In the year 2022, the total number of TB patients in India was recorded at 21.42 lakh, 72,878 cases of TB were registered in Telangana. At the same time, in the year 2022, there was an increase of 13 percent in the total cases of TB as compared to the previous year. 

What is tuberculosis (TB)?

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually attacks the lungs. Gradually it can spread to other parts of the body including the brain or spine. 

Why does this disease happen?

TB disease starts in the body due to infection with bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In the beginning, there are no symptoms in the body, but as the infection progresses, the problems of the patient also increase. People whose body immunity is weak, they are more at risk of TB. 

India’s status of TB cases

Two-thirds of TB cases in the world’s total patients are present in eight countries. India is in the first place, it has 27 percent TB patients. In the second place is the name of China, 9 percent of the total patients of the world are found in China. There are 8 percent TB patients in Indonesia, 6 percent in Philippines, 6 percent in Pakistan, 4 percent in Nigeria, 4 percent in Bangladesh and 3 percent in South Africa.

According to WHO, India ranks first in terms of TB patients with more than a quarter of the estimated cases of the whole world. According to WHO, about 30 lakh new TB cases are registered in India every year, out of which one lakh are multi-drug resistant cases. TB kills four lakh Indians every year in India.

What is the status of TB in the world 

According to the statistics of the year 2018, about one crore people fell ill with TB worldwide, which is a stable number compared to the last few years, while about a quarter of the world’s population is latently infected with TB. If you understand in simple language, TB bacteria are there in one fourth of the world’s population but they are not active. People with latent TB have a 5 to 10 percent risk of developing the disease in their lifetime.

How is TB treated in India 

Medication: isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide and ethambutol.

Time: It takes 24 weeks to recover completely from TB.  

Common side effects: chest pain, tiredness, fast heartbeat, coughing up blood. 

Treatment expenses: Rs 7,500 in public sector, Rs 20,000 in private sector.

Now let us know what the figures say 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has placed TB among the deadliest infectious diseases in the world. Looking at the figures for the year 2022, a total of 21.42 lakh cases of TB were registered in India this year, out of which 72,878 cases were registered in Telangana alone. On the other hand, talking about the increase of patients, there has been an increase of 13 percent in the total cases of TB in the year 2022. 

13 percent increase in TB cases 

According to the annual report of TB, compared to the year 2021, there has been an increase of 13 percent in the cases of tuberculosis ie TB in the year 2022. According to this report, in the years 2020 and 2021, some decline was seen in TB cases. But the year 2022 has seen an increase.

Types of tuberculosis 

Latent Tuberculosis: In Latent Tuberculosis, the bacteria is present in the human body, but your immunity power does not allow it to become active. Humans do not experience the symptoms of latent tuberculosis and it does not spread due to the disease. However, if a person has latent tuberculosis, it may progress to active tuberculosis.

Active Tuberculosis: In this condition the bacteria is developing in the human body and its symptoms are also visible. If a person has active tuberculosis i.e. active TB then it can infect others as well. 

TB can be further divided into two parts which include pulmonary and extra pulmonary.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis: This TB affects the human lungs and is the primary form of TB. In most cases, it is seen in children or old people. 

Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis: This type of TB can spread from the lungs to other places such as bones, kidneys, and lymph nodes.  

Some frequently asked questions about TB

Question- Can there be a permanent cure for TB?
Answer- With the help of timely treatment, tuberculosis i.e. TB can be got rid of forever.

Question- What are the initial symptoms of this disease?
Ans- Early symptoms of TB include fatigue, fever, cough, coughing, chest pain, chills, sudden weight loss.

Question- Can you get TB by touching a sick person?
Answer- Any person can get infected just by breathing in TB germs . TB is usually not transmitted by a patient’s clothing, drinking glasses, eating utensils, handshakes, toilets, or other surfaces.

Question- What should not be eaten?
Ans-  A TB patient should avoid caffeine, refined sugar and flour, sodium and bottled sauces. 


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