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Bengaluru Bus Viral Video: A video has been going viral on social media for a few days, in which a female passenger is seen objecting to the conductor wearing a cap in the bus. She is asking questions about it. Not only this, he forced the conductor to take off his cap. The video has been shared with the claim that the bus conductor is a Muslim.

The incident took place in a Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus. The female passenger objected to the conductor wearing a cap on duty and said that being a government employee, you should follow your religion at home and not on duty. However, the Road Transport Corporation of Karnataka said that there is no strict rule or any law against wearing cap, garland or tilak on duty.

KSRTC said- No such rule
The News Minute quoted Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Chief Public Relations Officer TS Latha as saying that there is no fixed rule regarding religion. He said that the code of conduct for bus drivers and conductors was implemented decades ago and since then no changes have been made in it. He said that there is no rule to stop anyone from wearing anything related to their religion. He also clarified that it is not even advocated in the rule.

What is the whole matter?
In the viral video, the conductor is wearing a green cap About which the woman is constantly raising questions. The woman argued with the conductor that being a government employee, why was she wearing a cap and that she should follow her religion at home. During this, the conductor tries to say that he has been wearing the cap for many years, but the woman doesn’t listen. The conductor was forced to take off his cap and threatened to complain about it. The conductor then takes off his cap.



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