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Odisha Train Accident: Many families were devastated in the gruesome train accident that took place on June 2 in Balasore, Odisha. There are many people who are still unable to meet their family members. Some old father is searching for his young son in a pile of dead bodies while some is yearning for the last glimpse of his mother and father. This horrific accident has given wounds to everyone, someone’s wound is small and someone’s wound is painful for life. The jawans who are closely involved in the rescue operation from the beginning till the end see this whole pain very closely. Some such NDRF jawans have expressed their pain, they have told how these accidents affect them mentally. 

Mentally affected rescuers
National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) Director General Atul Karwal, referring to the accident, said that whenever a jawan deployed in the rescue operation at the train accident site When he sees the water, he sees only that blood, while another rescue worker is not feeling hungry after seeing the horrifying scene. Karwal said, ‘‘I met my personnel involved in the rescue operation after the Balasore train accident, one personnel told me that whenever he sees water, it feels like blood. Another rescuer told that he has lost his appetite after this rescue operation.’’ 

Counselling of NDRF personnel
Addressing the Annual Conference on Capacity Building for Disaster Response, 2023 organized by NDRF at Vigyan Bhawan, Director General Atul Karwal said that the accident was so gruesome that The bogies were damaged, leaving many bodies trapped inside. The Director General of NDRF, who recently visited the accident site, said that keeping in view these problems faced by some of its personnel, the force has started psychological counseling and mental stability courses for its personnel on their return from rescue and relief operations. 

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