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Yamuna Flood Alert: After heavy rains, the water level in Delhi’s Yamuna river is continuously increasing. Meanwhile, the Delhi government said on Tuesday (July 11) that thousands of people living in the submergence area have been shifted to temporary camps at safer places and arrangements are being made for their food and drink.

Delhi government minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the affected people are being transported to East, North, North-East, South-East, Central and Shahdara districts of Delhi, where more than 2,700 tents have been arranged for them.  

Around 1500 people were affected
1000 to 1500 people live right next to the Yamuna river. The 100-year-old ghat and Hanuman temple also got submerged after the flood in the river. People allege that they were not alerted in time and the houses were flooded. Due to the rise in the water level of Yamuna, people’s houses in Kashmere Gate Yamuna Bazar have been flooded, due to which now only the roof is their shelter. 

Electricity disappeared after rain
People’s houses in Kashmere Gate Yamuna Bazar have also been flooded. The women affected by this told while talking that suddenly water came in the area, the cylinder was also washed away in the flow of water. We had not received any information about this. Now the roof is our shelter. There is so much dirt, even snakes and scorpions are scared.

People say that every year there was electricity but this time it was cut off, the government is requested to leave the electricity system intact, small children are being bitten by mosquitoes, they will fall sick. 

What is the condition of the people after the water filling their houses 
People trapped in the flood appealed to the government for electricity, Umad said, “I live in the Yamuna market. This time too much water came. Too much trouble is happening. Yesterday the water came with great speed throughout the day. Children are small, mosquitoes are biting. Electricity should not be cut." Another woman Achala Mishra also expressed her concern regarding electricity.

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