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Karnataka Politics: After the defeat of the BJP in the 2023 assembly elections in Karnataka, mutual differences have started coming to the fore. Some leaders of BJP’s Karnataka unit attributed the party’s defeat in the assembly elections to “politics of accommodation”. (Adjustment Politics). 

Now on Monday (June 26) veteran leader of the party KS Eshwarappa on Monday (June 26) regarding the statements made by the BJP leaders ‘ignoring’ the discipline in the party. Expressed his displeasure and also appealed to the party state president to take necessary steps to stop it.

Eshwarappa said there should be a meeting 

According to the news agency PTI, former Deputy Chief Minister Eshwarappa admitted that there is some degree of indiscipline in the BJP. Attributing this to the ‘influence’ of the Congress, he said that the party high command is strong and will take steps at the appropriate time. They said, "It is unfortunate that this kind of discussion is happening openly in BJP. If such things are happening then it should be discussed sitting inside the boundary wall."

What did Eshwarappa say to the leaders who gave statements

Eshwarappa said, "I have spoken to the state president regarding this matter and requested him to call and talk to those people who are speaking publicly and resolve the matter." Along with this, he said that those who are giving statements, I request them not to give such statements. Because the party workers are hurt even before the defeat in the assembly elections 

When Eshwarappa was asked whether discipline in BJP is ‘lost’ If it happened, he blamed the leaders who left the Congress and joined the party for this change.  Eshwarappa said, "Discipline has been affected to some extent with the growth of the party. There was a lot of discipline when we were only four people."

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