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Cyclone Biporjoy: Cyclone Biporjoy, which came after Mocha in the coastal areas of the country, has rapidly turned into a cyclonic storm. Weather  According to the Department (IMD), Cyclone Biparjoy is going to intensify in the next 36 hours and the storm is expected to come closer to the north-northwest coast in the next 2 days. The IMD said the severe cyclonic storm lay about 500 km off the west-southwest coast of Goa at 11:30 pm on June 8. 

According to the Meteorological Department, this cyclonic storm is going to take a more severe form in the next 36 hours. Biparjoy is expected to move northwards in the next two days. Earlier this cyclonic storm was located over east-central and adjoining southeast Arabian Sea. Not only this, this cyclonic storm is also affecting the monsoon of Kerala, due to which the pace of monsoon is continuously slowing down.  Along with India, Pakistan, Iran, Oman and countries adjacent to the Arabian Sea are also expected to be affected.

Very severe cyclonic storm Biparjoy over eastcentral Arabian Sea at 2330 hours IST of 08th June, 2023 over about 840 km west-southwest of Goa, 870 km west-southwest of Mumbai. To intensify further gradually during next 36 hours and move nearly north-northwestwards in next 2 days.

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