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Agartala, Jun 09, 2023, TRIPURATIMES Desk

Agartala, June 09: Day after visiting the interior parts of the Dhalai district of the state, the opposition CPI(M) party on Friday alleged that the Gandacherra, Ambassa and others parts of the district are reeling under acute crisis, where the villagers mainly the tribals are suffering at large.

A delegation of the CPI(M) party led by the Politburo member and also the former leader of opposition Manik Sarkar visited the Gandacherra and Ambassa subdivision of the Dhalai district on Thursday last.

Addressing a press conference here at Agartala Melarmath party office, the former CEM of the TTAADC Radhacharan Debbarma alleged of food and job crisis. He said, “During our interaction with the villagers on our visit to the interior parts of the Gandacherra and Ambassa subdivision, we found that they are reeling under acute crisis of food and work.”

“The villagers complained of irregularities in REAG work. According to them they are being deprived from REGA work while many are deprived from their regular payment under the REGA scheme,” he alleged, adding that works under the line departments are almost stopped in the interior parts of the sub-divisions, causing hurdles for the villagers to survive.

Debbarma also alleged of irregularities in PDS and said, “During our visit to Hatimatha area of the Dhalai district, we found that the villagers are being forced to buy masala package from the ration shops, failing which they are being restricted from drawing free rice from the ration shops. This is very unfortunate that at a time when the villagers have no sufficient income to fetch their families, they are being forced to buy masalas from the ration shops.”

“The roads in the interior parts of the Gandacherra and Ambassa sub-division, which were built by the then Left front government are left in dilapidated condition, causing the villagers to lead a difficult life on a regular basis,” he alleged further.

On the other hand, the CPI(M) leader Sudhan Das on Friday accused the government of ‘worsening’ education system in the villages and alleged, “The education system in the villages of the Gandacherra sub-division has been ruined and no proper atmosphere was left for the students of the poor families to study.”

“At least 24 senior basic schools under Gandacherra sub-division have been shut down, while the schools at Thalcherra, Manikpur, Maldapara and other parts are reeling under acute teacher shortage,” he alleged. He also alleged irregularities in mid-day meal, ICDS and Anganwadi centres in Gandacherra sub-division.

The former minister of the then Left front government Ratan Bhowmik also addressed the press conference on Friday and alleged of water and power crisis in the interior parts of the Gandacherra and Ambassa sub-divisions. He blamed both the ruling BJP government and the TIPRA Motha party ruling in the TTAADC. He said, “At a time when the ADC areas of the state are reeling under acute crisis like that of the areas under the Gandacherra and Ambassa sub-division, the ruling TIPRA Motha party rose their hands in the name of inadequate funds from the state government.”

The CPI(M) leaders however sought the intervention of the government and the ADC administration over the crisis and demanded for fixing the issues of the villagers at the earliest.      


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