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Agartala, Jul 14, 2023, TRIPURATIMES Desk

Agartala, July 14: The former leader of opposition and a Left leader Manik Sarkar on Friday took on the ruling Trinamool Congress Party (TMC) in West Bengal and alleged that the recently held panchayat election in Bengal took lives of many and the entire election process was turned into a ‘farce’.

The party leaders and workers on Friday walked on a protest rally to agitate against the alleged panchayat poll violence in West Bengal.

“Votes were looted and the right to votes for the citizens of the Bengal were snatched away by the TMC,” Sarkar alleged, adding that since after the announcement of the poll schedule, the ruling TMC party started attacking the opposition parties in West Bengal, where the candidates of the opposition parties were attacked during the time of submission of their nomination papers for the election.

Addressing the party workers, the CP-M’s politburo member Manik Sarkar alleged that the polling agents of the opposition parties were attacked at large during the day of polling. The polling agents were restricted from entering into the polling booths and they were attacked in presence of the security forces, who acted the role of silent spectator, he alleged further.

Sarkar alleged, “The miscreants of the TMC party were indulged in proxy voting. They snatched the ballot papers from the polling officials and voted for their TMC party’s candidates, the day before the polling. On the day of polling, the supporters of the opposition parties who went for voting were restricted and attacked, even inside the polling booths. The incident of violence continued during the day of poll counting and aftermath.”

“The TMC miscreants even snatched away the certificates from the winning candidate of the oppositions and turned the entire election process into a farce,” he alleged.

Manik Sarkar continued castigating the TMC party and alleged that the State Election Commission (SEC) in Bengal and the police administration did not act neutral during the election, rather they acted on behalf of the ruling TMC party led by Mamata Banerjee and helped the party retain power in Bengal.

In context of the state of Tripura, Manik Sarkar on Friday claimed that no such widespread violence following any elections could be seen in the state of Tripura after the 2018 assembly election. He said, “It is evident that no widespread violence like that of West Bengal took place in Tripura after the 2018 assembly election, because it was not needed as the BJP did not allow at least 96% of the oppositions’ candidates to submit the nomination papers.”

Manik Sarkar left no stone unturned to target the ruling BJP party in Tripura. He said, “The BJP, which is fighting against the TMC in Bengal for democracy is doing the very opposite in Tripura. The BJP which is doing drama in West Bengal in the name of restoring democracy is throttling the voice of democracy in Tripura, where people are not being allowed to vote.”

“The BJP in Tripura unleashed terror during every election after 2018. Following this the people of Tripura did not support the BJP in the last 2023 assembly election, where the BJP managed to secure less than 40% votes,” he opined. 


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