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New Parliament Building: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has attacked the opposition opposing the inauguration of the new Parliament House by the Prime Minister. Amit Shah said that the Congress party is doing petty politics by boycotting the inauguration of the Parliament House. Amit Shah said that the blessings of the entire public are with Modi. Referring to Chhattisgarh, he also implicated Congress leader Sonia Gandhi in this matter.

Amit Shah said, PM Modi is about to inaugurate the new building of the country’s Parliament in the year of Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, but the Congress party and its allies are boycotting it by doing politics and making excuses that the President should inaugurate it. He accused the Congress of playing petty politics.

Chhattisgarh mentioned

Amit Shah further said, Sonia and Rahul inaugurated the assembly in Chhattisgarh. The Governor was a tribal, why was she not called? The same was done in Jharkhand, Manipur, Assam and also in Tamil Nadu. Addressing the Congress, he said, everything is fine if you do it, but if Modi does it, boycott it

The Union Home Minister said, the people of the country made Modi the PM twice. The people of the country are not at the will of the Congress. Modi is not allowed to speak in Parliament.

I want to tell the Congress. The blessings of the entire public are for Modi. This time Modi will get more than 300 seats. Public is watching Congress, last time the opposition did not even get status, this time it will not get even that much seat.

21 parties have boycotted

New Parliament House. These parties have demanded that the Parliament House be inaugurated by the President. However, the opposition’s campaign on the new parliament is weakening. More parties have come in support than the number of parties opposing the inauguration of the new Parliament by the Prime Minister.

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