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Priyanka Gandhi MP Rally: The Congress seems to be following the ‘PG’ formula for the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, which worked well for the party in the recent Himachal and Karnataka elections. Tell you what is this strategy of Congress? The second rally of Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is going to be held in Gwalior on Friday (July 21).

Gwalior is considered to be the bastion of BJP MP Jyotiraditya Scindia where the Congress got a big victory in the assembly elections, but after a quarter of a year in March 2020, Scindia revolted and joined the BJP along with his MLAs, giving a blow to the Congress.< /p>

Priyanka Gandhi’s first rally in Gwalior-Chambal region after Scindia’s rebellion 

What will be Priyanka Gandhi’s agenda? 

Earlier in June, in the first rally of tribal-dominated Jabalpur, Priyanka Gandhi made it clear that this would be her main agenda in the elections, besieging the Shivraj government on the front of unemployment and inflation. In Jabalpur, Priyanka Gandhi promised Rs 1,500 per month to women. Priyanka had made a similar promise in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh as well. A day before, the Karnataka government has announced to give Rs 2,000 per month to women. Obviously, with new promises in Gwalior, Priyanka Gandhi will once again try to woo women by citing Karnataka. 

Priyanka Gandhi’s rally in Gwalior is the first major event after the announcement of the alliance of opposition parties in Bengaluru to be named ‘India’, so there is every possibility that Priyanka Gandhi will try to revive the Congress workers through this.

Double challenge for BJP!

In view of Priyanka Gandhi’s activism in MP, the Shivraj government has also got involved in damage control in time. CM Shivraj announced to give thousand rupees per month for women just before Priyanka’s Jabalpur rally. Apart from this, she also appeared in a counter posture regarding the unemployment figures. It is clear that BJP realizes that Priyanka Gandhi’s double challenge with 19 years of anti-incumbency is in front of her government.

Opinion of Congress strategists regarding Priyanka Gandhi

Earlier, in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka elections, Priyanka Gandhi took command of the Congress campaign and especially retaliated against PM Modi’s attacks. Due to her special style, Priyanka attracts women voters, especially the youth. Even among the traditional voter groups of Congress such as Dalits, tribals and minorities, Priyanka Gandhi very easily conveys her point. Congress strategists believe that Priyanka Gandhi simultaneously builds trust among the people on the promises of the Congress and also targets the BJP in a sharp manner. 

What is ‘PG’ formula and why is Congress trying to repeat it?

This is the reason that after the success of Karnataka and Himachal, Congress is trying to repeat the ‘PG’ formula in Madhya Pradesh as well. ‘P’ stands for Priyanka Gandhi and ‘G’ stands for guarantees. On the lines of Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath is making attractive promises like free electricity and money to help women. Along with this, to cut the polarization of BJP, the impression of religion-work started appearing in the election programs of Congress. Priyanka Gandhi definitely visits the famous pilgrimage sites in the area where she goes to hold meetings.

Priyanka Gandhi and her team focus on these states 

Well last year Priyanka got a crushing defeat in UP, where she was in charge since January 2019. However, the main opposition to the BJP in UP was the Samajwadi Party. Priyanka Gandhi has resigned from the post of UP in-charge and the announcement of Priyanka Gandhi’s new role in Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s team is awaited.

Interesting coincidence is that Priyanka Gandhi is referred to as ‘PG’ in the Congress circle. The ‘PG’ card of the Congress has been played in the coming five state assembly elections only then In the Lok Sabha elections his claim will be strong.

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