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Maharashtra NCP Crisis: Ajit Pawar’s rebellion in Maharashtra has shaken the foundation of NCP. Ajit Pawar left uncle Sharad Pawar’s party NCP on Sunday (July 2) supporting the Shinde government. Not only this, 8 other NCP leaders also left the party and joined the BJP alliance. This is not the first time that such a trend has been seen in the politics of Maharashtra. Earlier, NCP chief Sharad Pawar himself had rebelled against the Congress party and later formed the NCP by breaking away from the Congress.

Let us know what Sharad Pawar, active in politics for 50 years, had done in the year 1978 and in the year 1999.

How did you step into the Congress party?
In 1956, Sharad Pawar called for a protest march for the independence of Goa in Pravarnagar, Maharashtra. Two years later, in 1958, Sharad Pawar joined the Youth Congress and demonstrated his support for the party. Now gradually Pawar’s hold in politics was getting stronger. In 1962, four years after joining the Youth Congress, Pawar became the President of the Pune District Youth Congress. After this Sharad Pawar as an MLA raised the issues related to drought in Maharashtra. And during Shankarrao Chavan’s government of 1975–77, Sharad Pawar also served as the Minister of Home Affairs. 

Rebellion from the party in the year 1977 
Something happened in the year 1977, after which the Congress was divided into two parts and the party was divided into two different names. . The first name was Congress (I) and the second was Congress (U). Sharad Pawar was a part of Congress (U). During that time Indira Gandhi was active in politics. Now in the year 1978, it was also time for the Maharashtra assembly elections, in which both the wings of the party were fighting against each other. During this time no one got absolute majority, due to which both the factions against Janata Party formed the government in coalition with the support of Vasantdada Patil.

A few months after the coalition government was formed, Sharad Pawar left the Congress (U) in support of the Janata Party and became the youngest Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 1978. After this, Sharad Pawar returned to Congress again in 1987 and became CM again in 1988. Pawar was made Chief Minister for the third time in the 1990 assembly elections and for the fourth time in 1993. 

Formed NCP after leaving Congress 
Now the time was in the year 1999, when Sharad Pawar along with PA Sangma and Tariq Anwar were expelled from Congress, which was accepted by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Seen as opposed to. This was the year when Pawar along with Sangma founded the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). After this, in 2004, Sharad Pawar became the Agriculture Minister under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Wherein 2014 Lok Sabha elections With the victory of the BJP-led NDA, Sharad Pawar also lost his ministerial post. 

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