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US Senate Committee on Arunachal Pradesh: China has always had a bad eye on Arunachal Pradesh. On the one hand, China is continuously increasing its activity on the Line of Actual Control and on the other hand, it keeps on trying diplomatic tricks regarding Arunachal Pradesh. These efforts of China have received a strong blow from America. The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) has approved a resolution stating that Arunachal Pradesh is and will remain an integral part of India. 

With the approval of the SFRC, the way has been cleared for the proposal to be tabled in the Senate and accepted by the full House. This proposal was introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Bill Hagerty of Tennessee. At the same time, it was supported by Senator John Cornyn of Texas, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland.

The proposal first came in February

This bipartisan proposal was first introduced in February. Then Senator Bill Haggerty, who introduced the proposal, said that China continues to pose a serious threat to the free and open Indo-Pacific region, such that it is important for the US to engage with its strategic partners in the region, especially India. Stand shoulder to shoulder.

In this proposal, China’s attempt to change the status quo on the Line of Actual Control has been condemned. China’s attempt to change the names of places in Arunachal Pradesh has also been criticized along with provocative actions by China. 

Why important for India?

The SFRC’s approval of the proposal is another indication that the US Senate is emerging as a strong body of support for India. This means that in the future, when the US administration seeks special exemptions for India from the Congress in the fields of defense and technology to deepen bilateral relations, the Senate will help.

Successive US administrations since 1962 have recognized Arunachal as a part of India, but the legislative seal on the recognition further strengthens India’s legitimacy internationally. Especially when China continues to claim it.

China describes Arunachal Pradesh as Jangnan

China has declared Arunachal Pradesh as its part and calls it Jangnan. China claims that this is South Tibet. China also protests against the visits of top Indian leaders and officials to Arunachal Pradesh. India has rejected this claim of China and has called it an inseparable part of India. India has always rejected any such attempt by China.

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