CEO and MD of Aeronics Internet Company was attacked and killed with a sword in Bengaluru. -aabtak24


Aronics Internet Company CEO Murder: Aronics Internet Company Chief Executive Officer (CE0) Venu Kumar and MD Phanindra Subramanya were murdered by a former employee. The accused barged into his office and attacked him with a sword. 

Bengaluru, Karnataka | The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vinu Kumar and MD Phanindra Subramanya of Aeronics Internet Company were killed by a former employee. The accused barged into their office and attacked them with a sword. Both died on the way to the hospital. The attacker,…

Police statement in murder case 

According to the news agency PTI, the police said that the former employee of the CEO and MD was murdered in broad daylight. The police have identified the deceased as Phanindra Subramaniam and Vinu Kumar. The incident took place in Pampa Extension Amritahalli. 

Accused Felix previously worked in Aeronics but left the job to form his own company, which is said to be a rival business. The deceased were allegedly obstructing his business. For this reason Felix was very angry with him and killed him. 

The company was opened a year ago 

Let us tell you that, Aronics Media Private Limited is a private company, which was incorporated on 7 November 2022. It has its registered office in Bangalore. There is an atmosphere of fear in the area after the open attack. 

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