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West Bengal’s panchayat elections were concluded on Saturday (July 8, 2023) amidst violent incidents like arson, shelling and bombings. The death toll in the violent incidents during the election has reached 18. The dead include workers of BJP, TMC and CPM. More than 60 thousand central personnel were deployed in more than 63 thousand gram panchayats of the state, yet incidents like arson, violence, shelling and bombing created an atmosphere of unrest in the state.

Son shot in front of mother
According to Hindustan Times report, 64-year-old Dulaji Karji’s son Chiranjeet is among those who lost their lives in the violence in Cooch Behar. She told that she was going towards the polling booth to cast her vote when some people started firing. He told that the faces of the shooters were covered and they started firing without any reason. In this firing, a bullet hit his son in the chest. Chiranjeet was also immediately taken to the hospital, but he could not be saved. Chiranjit was a worker of Bharatiya Janata Party.

Bullets fired in front of security forces
The pictures and videos of violence in panchayat elections have come to the fore. They are very disturbing because some people are seen openly firing in them. Along with this, questions are also being raised on the security system because despite the deployment of such a force, pallet papers were looted at the booths on such a large scale, there was firing, incidents ranging from open stabbing to firing and bombings took place. 

< p>The governor condemned the violence
Governor Dr. C.V. Anand Bose also condemned the violent incidents and expressed concern about the situation. Yesterday, after visiting various districts of North and South Parganas, he said, "What I saw on the ground is very disturbing. There is an atmosphere of violence, killings and fear. One thing that I noticed is that only the poor are getting killed. The leaders are not there. So, who’s driving them? Instead of trying to kill the poor, they should eliminate poverty. This is very worrying. Bengal neither wants this nor should it happen. It is very disturbing that the lack of peace in the society will affect the new generation." He further said that peace should be established in the state at any cost. These include Murshidabad, Cooch Behar, Nadia, Malda, East Burdwan and South 24 Parganas.

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