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Rahul Gandhi Defamation Case: BJP leader Purnesh Modi, who has filed a defamation complaint against Rahul Gandhi, has filed a caveat in the Supreme Court. He has appealed to the top court to hear his side. After not getting relief from the Gujarat High Court in the criminal defamation case, Rahul Gandhi approached the Supreme Court. The matter has been accepted by the Supreme Court for hearing. Rahul Gandhi was punished by the lower court only on the complaint of Purnesh Modi.

Rahul Gandhi in 2019

After not getting relief from the sessions court, Rahul Gandhi appealed against the sentence in the Gujarat High Court, but here too he got a setback and the petition was rejected.

What is the caveat?

A caveat application is filed by a litigant to ensure that no adverse order is passed against him without being heard. Many times, the defendant in the case does not get the information and the court gives a one-sided verdict on the basis of the facts available. To avoid this situation, the system of caveat was brought. In this, the defendant appeals to the court in advance and tells that he should also be heard in the case.

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