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Seema Haider News: Pakistani woman Seema Haider is currently in a lot of discussions. ATS is constantly questioning Seema, while the agency suspects that Seema Haider is telling only what she wants to tell. Seema Haider answers the agency’s questions very confidently and there is not even a wrinkle on her forehead while telling something. According to sources, Seema Haider may undergo lie detector or polygraph test today. 

ATS is constantly doubting Seema’s answers. When ATS asked Seema Haider how did you come to India? So in response to this came Seema’s very awkward answer, hearing which the agency could not believe this. According to media reports, Seema told during interrogation that she got information about coming to India through YouTube, although the agencies are not convinced.  

What is the whole matter
The UP ATS team had earlier questioned Seema Haider on Monday (July 17) as well. It is known that Seema and Sachin Meena came in contact with each other while playing PUBG in 2019 and then their love story started. After this, on May 13, 2023, Seema Haider came to India by boarding a bus via Nepal. 

In the interrogation of Seema Haider on July 17, it was revealed that even before Sachin, Seema Haider had contacted some people in India. Most of the people whom Seema contacted were from Delhi NCR. According to the information received from the sources, ATS had read some lines of English from Seema Haider on Monday, which Seema not only read well but her way of reading was also good.

On the other hand, today i.e. on Tuesday, there is preparation for questioning Seema Haider on the basis of WhatsApp chat and all the evidence. Not only this, Seema’s ID cards have been sent to the High Commission. Conspiracy angle is being seen in this whole episode of Seema’s love story and taking entry in India because Seema’s family has direct relation with Pakistani Army. 

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