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Guwahati, Apr 06, 2023, IANS

Guwahati, April 6 (IANS): The Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) is in a dire state, and it has incurred a loss of at least Rs 106 crore in a single financial year.

The plight of ASTC came to light in a reply by state Transport Minister Parimal Suklabaidya on Wednesday in the state Assembly.

The number of buses plying the road has decreased substantially in the last few years. In many parts of the state, the corporation is not in a position to run its buses.

At least 321 buses have been waiting in the terminal for repairs; however, the corporation could not afford the repair work.

Suklabaidya said, “In 2021-22, ASTC earned Rs 80.19 crore; however, the net expenditure for the same period was Rs 186.73 crore. The corporation required Rs 110.21 crore for meeting the salary of its employees.”

Meanwhile, not only in the previous financial year, ASTC incurred losses in preceding financial years as well.

In 2019-20, the total loss amount of the corporation was Rs 82.63 crore, while in 2020-21 it incurred a loss of Rs 97.86 crore.

The amount of loss has increased in the financial year 2021-22.

At present, the ASTC is able to run only 651 buses on different routes in Assam.

Meanwhile, to reduce the burden of salary payments, the corporation has come up with a mandatory retirement policy.

“Already a list of 132 employees in this regard has been prepared,” said Suklabaidya.

However, the Minister said that ASTC has been able to run all its CNG buses until now.


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