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Ranchi News: The difficulties of Bollywood’s famous actress Ameesha Patel seem to be increasing. In a case of fraud, on Saturday, Amisha Patel reached to appear in the Ranchi Civil Court (Civil Courts Ranchi) quietly by covering her face. After this the actress surrendered. 

A case of cheating was registered against film actress Ameesha Patel and her business partner Kunal Gumar. He is accused of not making a music album by taking money. Apart from this, he has also been accused of cheating and threatening. Ameesha Patel has been granted conditional bail till June 21 after appearing in the court. The next hearing in this matter will be held on June 21. The court has also ordered Ameesha Patel to be present. 

Now appearing in court on June 21

Ajay Kumar Singh of Ranchi did this case on 17 November 2018 in the CJM court. It is alleged that Ameesha Patel took Rs 2.5 crore from Ajay Kumar Singh in the name of music making, but after that she did not take any step towards music making. After that she kept on misleading the court and the complainant for 5 years. On the other hand, the complainant Ajay told the media that in 2018, he had filed a check bounce case of Rs 3 crore against actress Ameesha Patel. He told that first Ameesha had demanded Rs 20 lakh from him in the name of tax payment, which he gave due to friendship. Then it was told by Ameesha that I am making a film, in which she needs Rs 2.50 crore. 

The matter is related to check bounce

Amisha Patel said that she will return the money with interest. But even after a long time, when Ajay did not get the money, he demanded money from him, so he gave him a check of Rs 3 crore with interest. When that check was deposited in the bank, it bounced, after which Ajay told her that there could be a case against her, then the actress said that what to worry about the case, on which Ajay filed a complaint case in the court, on which Amisha Patel went to the High Court. When there was no relief, he even approached the Supreme Court. But they did not get relief. 

Surrendered 2 days ago

Now the court said that if Amisha Patel does not appear in the conditional court, then she can also be arrested. He had to come to the court on 21 June. But due to fear, she appeared in the court 2 days in advance. On the other hand, Ajay’s lawyer Smita Pathak told the media that we had filed an application against the actress in the court in 2018, a bailable warrant was issued against her in the matter of check bounce. Also, this was his last chance as well. Otherwise NBW would have been issued against him on 21st. For this reason, Amisha Patel has appeared before the court today. He now has to appear in the cum body court on 21st.


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