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Air India Flight: Air India flight going from Delhi to Port Blair was diverted due to bad weather on Sunday (June 25). There were more than 150 passengers in this flight.

Air India says that due to bad weather in Port Blair, Air India flight AI 485 from Delhi to Port Blair on June 25 was diverted towards Visakhapatnam. After this whole incident all the passengers were taken care of and food and accommodation were provided for them. 

What did Air India say?
Air India said on Monday (June 26) that we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to the passengers during the flight diversion. At that time there were 152 passengers in the flight. The flight carrying all the passengers left for its destination at 2:15 pm on Monday and landed in Port Blair at 4 pm. Air India further said that the weather is not controlled by anyone, that is why the Air India flight to Port Blair was diverted to Visakhapatnam. 

What is the whole matter

Actually, Air India flight AI 485 left Delhi for Port Blair on Sunday (June 25), after which the flight was diverted to Visakhapatnam due to bad weather at Port Blair. After the plane landed in Visakhapatnam, the passengers were provided food and accommodation.

As soon as the weather cleared in Port Blair, the Air India flight took off for the destination. Air India Flight 485 took off on Monday afternoon at 2.30 pm and the plane was landed at Port Blair at 4 pm. After this whole incident Air India said that we are sorry for the inconvenience. 

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