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Legal Pointers In NCP’s Coup: There was an earthquake in the calm politics of Maharashtra on Sunday (July 2) when suddenly Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and Leader of Opposition in the House Ajit Pawar Shinde-Fadnavis joined hands with the government. Ajit Pawar, nephew of NCP chief Sharad Pawar, took oath of office and secrecy in the Shinde government along with nine senior party leaders. 

The present situation is that there are two factions of NCP in Maharashtra. While one group is with NCP President Sharad Pawar, the other group is seen standing with Ajit Pawar. While the estimated number of MLAs in the first group is uncertain, the rebel group is claiming that more than 30 MLAs are with them.

Why Sharad Pawar is avoiding going to the court
In such a situation, questions are being raised that due to what reasons NCP leader Sharad Pawar said that he will not go to the court but will present his case in the people’s court. Will make the party stand again. However, till the time of writing this news, it is reported that NCP leader Sharad Pawar is continuously discussing with his legal team, so in the coming days, this fight can be seen in the court as well. 

< pstyle="text-align: justify;">According to the analysts who have legal and political understanding in Maharashtra, the first reason is not clear as to how many MLAs are with which group. The second reason is the lesson learned from the Shiv Sena rebellion, where the country’s highest court, the Supreme Court, refused to raise any questions on the Election Commission’s decision during the hearing. 

In such a situation, the result of this rebellion of NCP, the upcoming decisions and the next legal steps will be known only when there will be a meeting of both the factions on Wednesday (July 5), because in this meeting it will be clear that which faction has how much numbers are force?


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