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9 Years Of Modi Government: It has been 9 years since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power. On 26 May 2014, PM Narendra Modi took charge of the central government. In 2014, riding on the Modi wave, the BJP won a thumping majority. At the same time, in the 2019 Modi Tsunami, many old trees of the opposition parties were uprooted. BJP won 303 Lok Sabha seats on the face of PM Narendra Modi. 

The Modi government, which was established at the center of power in 2014, took many big decisions during this period. Several decisions, including schemes that benefit the general public and huge investments in infrastructure, increased the acceptability of the Modi government. In these 9 years, India has become the fifth largest economy in the world. Let’s know what has changed in 9 years of Modi government…

These 9 big schemes reached the public in 9 years

During PM Modi’s tenure, 12 crore toilets were built in villages and cities under the public’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Under the Modi government’s Jan Dhan Yojana, 48.93 crore people across the country opened their bank accounts. This account starts with zero balance. In PM Modi’s Mudra Yojana, people were given cheap loans without any guarantee. So far 40.82 crore people have been given loans worth 23.2 lakh crore under this scheme.

3.45 crore houses were built for the eligible beneficiaries under the PM Awas Yojana. Under the Modi government’s Ujjwala scheme, 9.59 crore households have access to LPG connections. Under the Central Government’s Jan Arogya Yojana, 4.44 crore people were treated. Under the Modi government’s Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, 12 crore farmers across the country are given an assistance of Rs 6,000 every year. 

Under the Har Ghar Jal Yojana of the Modi government, clean drinking water has been provided to 11.66 crore families so far. At the same time, 220.67 crore vaccine doses have been administered so far in the covid vaccination which started during the corona pandemic. 

9 big decisions of PM Modi in 9 years

PM in 2014 Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. In 2015, it was decided to speed up the PM Awas Yojana. In 2016, PM Modi surprised everyone by announcing demonetisation. In 2017, it was decided to implement GST to give a boost to the country’s economy. In 2018, the Modi government launched the Ayushman Bharat scheme for eligible beneficiaries. Under which eligible beneficiaries get free health facilities. 

In 2019, the Modi government had decided to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. After the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Ram temple, in 2020, the Modi government formed a trust for the construction of the Ram temple. To prevent corona in 2021, Modi government started vaccination campaign through indigenous vaccine. To fulfill the dream of Digital India, the Modi government launched 5G services in 2022.

How much has the country changed from 2014 to 2023?

In 2014, the number of medical colleges in the country was 387, which has now increased to 692. In 2023, the number of AIIMS has increased to 24, which was only 6 in 2014. Till 2014, there were 723 universities in the country, which has increased to 1472 in 2023. Till 2014, there were 16 IIT institutes in the country, which has increased to 23 in 2023. Till 2014, there were 13 IIMs in the country, which are now 20.

In 2014, India’s power generation capacity was 2.34 lakh MW, which increased to 4.17 lakh MW in 2023. Till 2014, there were 13 crore gas connections in the country, which increased to 31 crore in 2023. Till 2014, the reach of National Highway in the country was up to 91,287 km, which has increased to more than 1.44 lakh in 2023. Till 2014, the number of airports in the country was 74, which increased to 148 in 2023. Till 2014, only 21,614 km of railway routes in the country were connected to the electric line. In 2023, it increased to 58,812 km.

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