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Delhi Murder Case Update: Delhi Police filed a charge sheet on Tuesday (June 28) in the Sakshi Murder Case case in Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy area. About 640 pages of charge sheet was filed in Rohini court on Tuesday. Sahil had killed him by stabbing him more than 20 times and then crushing him with a stone.

According to the chargesheet, both Sahil and Sakshi knew each other beforehand. On May 27, there was a fight between the two in the evening over some issue and Sahil was determined to take revenge. On May 28, when Sakshi was going towards the community toilet, he stabbed Sakshi to death. The police have many such evidences, with the help of which the accused Sahil will be helped in punishment. 

Mention of evidence in the charge sheet

Tell that, during the investigation, the police had recovered the weapon (knife), clothes and shoes of the accused used in the incident. Apart from this, CCTV footage, voice samples, biological evidence were also collected. According to the chargesheet, a total of 14 biological, one chemical, 4 physics and one cyber exhibit were sent to FSL Rohini and their reports were also submitted to the probe agency in time. 

34 injury marks were found on the body 

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