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West Bengal Prisoner’s Love Story: The unique love story of two prisoners in a jail in West Bengal is in discussion. In fact, in this story, both the lover and the girlfriend were serving their sentence in the Bardhaman Central Correctional Home on charges of murder in different cases. During this, both of them fell in love with each other and then they got married.

The love story of Abdul Hasim and Shahnara Khatoon started in Bardhaman District Correctional Center of East Bardhaman district when both of them met in this prison. Hasim was sentenced to 8 years and Shahnara to 6 years and both were brought and kept in this jail. Both of them got acquainted in jail and then their acquaintance turned into friendship and their friendship later turned into love.

Both the prisoners got married after being released on parole
Both the prisoners told their respective families about their relationship and then decided to get married. On Wednesday (July 12), the jail administration released both the prisoners on parole for 5 days and there they  married according to Muslim law at Kusumgram in Monteshwar block of East Bardhaman.

Now only a few days are left for the parole of both of them to end, after which both the people will have to go back to the same jail where they were identified.

Couples are residents of different states
In the couple who fell in love with each other in Bardhaman District Jail, one is from West Bengal and the other is from Assam. While Abdul Hasim is a native of the state of Assam, Shahnara Khatoon is a resident of West Bengal. Both have now become each other’s life partner. 

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